Fastrader Powerful Cryptocurrency Scanner

Fastrader’s product. The first revolutionary cryptocurrency scanner on the market, which provides traders with instant cryptocurrency scanning information based on specific filters and alerts.

The trader will find the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market. Based on hundreds of built-in filters and alerts, the artificial intelligences and human intelligence will be able to define events such as price changes, percentage increases and decreases, volume changes, and formulation of technical analysis or fundamental analysis indicators. What you used to do with your hard-earned research and many hours of work will now be done in an informatic platform within seconds. The resulting time advantage will allow our users and community to enter into a transaction before any critical traffic is generated on a given cryptocurrency, it will be a tremendous comparative advantage.



Revolutionary tool to trade cryptocurrencies. FasTrader is a tool with artificial intelligence that analyzes the opportunities in the cryptocurrency trade — an easy-to-use tool that helps people earn small profits of 1 to 2% per transaction. When performing several operations a day…

FasTrader Tokens FTD successfully distributed

Fastrader is pleased to communicate to all of our investment community that all tokens have been successfully distributed. We have carefully distributed the tokens in the wallets of each of our investors, proportionally to the purchases they have made. The…

Airdrop FasTrader

Form airdrop Complete the form below to earn your 1.000,000 FTD tokens. We only allow the first 20,000 to enter our program. Be sure to follow the following steps to join the Airdrop. How to participate: 1.000,000 FTD in…


Simply use your unique address for the currency of your choice and initiate a transaction from your wallet.

It is a semi-automatic Crypto-Trading, a tool of greater innovation that exists today in the cryptomarket, where multiple factors are combined, human experience, elimination of errors caused by the psychology of the markets, programmed systems of artificial intelligence to monitor thousands of variables of information that give the exchanges in real time, the news chains, and that finally becomes useful information to make highly profitable investment decisions.

Once the sale of the Tokens is finished, the team will send the tokens to the wallet you have registered on our website. You must register an ERC-20 wallet and it can not be an Exchange wallet. If you set up an exchange wallet you will lose your tokens when you claim your tokens. To avoid errors, we will be contacting all investors to confirm this information.

For private sale the minimum is 250,000,000 FTD
In public sale the minimum will be 10,000,000 FTD

The maximum bonus was 25%.

FTD is a useful token, FTD will be used in two ways, for the payment of monthly memberships or guaranteeing a lifetime VIP membership on our platform.

The price is not decided yet, we will have memberships for all types of investors,
But the biggest benefit will be those traders holding 5,000,000 FTD for a period of 120 days in their private erc-20 wallet. You will have to hold the tokens for 120 days for reach the full membership forever. Once you reach 120 days, you can choose to sell your tokens or keep them holding.

For holders over 100.000.000 FTD you will have the right to use our product in the beta phase which will be at the end of Q4 2018.

An ERC-20 wallet. Myetherwallet, Metamask, Ledger, Trezor are the most commonly used

18 Decimals

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Benefits for Everyone

The most advanced bots ever developed that incorporates human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The whole team is a fervent believer that the whole ecosystem and the crypto community will change forever. The blockchain came to bring us a great revolution for the digital world and Fastrader came to bring us the most revolutionary bots for the creation of value of all our users.
The innovation established at the service of those who believe that the future is here.



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q4.2017

    Rearching assets, monitoring the crypto market for more than 4300 hours.

    Studying all markets movements day and night, non stop. Analyze with wisdom the corrections and rebounds in the market.

  • Q1.2018

    Design the computerized system in Cloud
    Start of development

  • Q2.2018

    Token Sale.

  • Q3.2018

    Launch Tokens in exchanges
     Airdrop for the community

  • Q4.2018

    Beta version (internal)
    including all the technological and new developments avoiding mistakes
    minimizing risks. Create all the improvements.

  • Q1.2019

    Release 1º FasTrader version Beta Internal
    available for users selected – new tools and strategies will be added.

  • Q2.2019

    Launch of FasTrader
    Mobile version (IOS/Android) Beta
    Release new Roadmap