Fastrader is pleased to communicate to all of our investment community that all tokens have been successfully distributed. We have carefully distributed the tokens in the wallets of each of our investors, proportionally to the purchases they have made. The whole process was carried out with our internal system that allowed the process without any error, which makes us proud.

As information the ERC-20 contract of our token is

18 decimals

The distributed total of tokens was 70,000,000,000 FTD and we still have according to our distribution scheme, 30,000,000,000 FTD more that will be unlocked according to the terms found in our white paper. We want to remind our entire community that, during the pre-sale, the bonus was 25% or 10,000,000 FTD per ether and fortunately the Public Sale was canceled, because the hard cap was fully reached in Pre-Sale.

The remaining 30% of tokens that are blocked will have the following schedule, and belong to the following groups:

10% Founders (Locked 6 Months)
10% Team and Advisors (Locked 12 months)
10% Referrals Bonus (no lock period)

Once again we greatly appreciate the entire ecosystem for trusting us and continue working with Fastrader.

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