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What is FasTrader?

FasTrader is a tool developed by experts with artificial intelligence that analyzes the opportunities in the trade of cryptocurrency - an easy-to-use tool that helps people earn small profits from 1% to 2% daily. It was tested by our designers making backtesting and we obtained amazing profits totally safety.
Why safety? Because we change the old concept based on artificial intelligence and robots working 24 hours daily without controls. We set up a powerful schedule with a check list allowing us a new way totally innovative to do things.
When performing several operations daily, you will see great advantages and benefits.
FasTrader monitors all time leader exchanges as Binance, Bittrex, Hitbtc, Okex, Bitfinex, Bitmex and many more, volumes, prices, historic scales, allow us to find investment opportunities. Then, when the users receives the information, they can trade safety with a minimum analyze and time to concrete the transactions.
Once the traded, you must personally analyze the time of departure. The union of artificial intelligence and our parameters defined by experts makes it a simple task, taking right the trader's decision.
FasTrader allows everybody to participate in the cryptoworld regardless of their business experience,
Start to benefit from the world market for cryptocurrencies.

How the Token Works for get your membership

FasTrader is an ERC-20 token, so it is intended to be used by the members of the FasTrader platform. 50% of the tokens that we receive as part of the memberships will be burned, thus decreasing the supply.
The membership price was not determined yet, but will be between $ 50 to $ 300 depending on the desired membership, and we will only receive FTD as payment. (The amount of FTD to be paid will be determined by the market, according to the token price.)

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The most advanced tool ever developed that incorporates human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The whole team is a fervent believer that the entire ecosystem and the crypto community will change forever. The blockchain came to bring us a great revolution for the digital world and Fastrader came to bring us the most revolutionary tool for the creation of value of all our users.
The innovation established at the service of those who believe that the future is here.


Semi-automatic cryptocurrency trading information platform

Looking for the best opportunities

FasTrader always active, looking for the best opportunities

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Information in all information networks for a more correct analysis.

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With total confidence FasTrader offers: security, benefits, unique opportunities and tranquility.

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